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In my dealings with Ms. Lurie, her experience and understanding of labor arbitration-related issues has been invaluable. I have found Ms. Lurie to be highly professional and to be an excellent neutral arbitrator.

Attorney representing labor clients

Arbitrator Lurie’s knowledge of evidentiary and procedural rules, as well as her calm and matter-of-fact demeanor, dialed down the temperature in the hearing room and allowed both parties to fairly present their cases. Arbitrator Lurie ‘s decisions were clearly written, well-reasoned, contemplative, and demonstrated a care for not only the arbitral process but for the parties as well.

Attorney representing labor clients

Thanks for the recommendations and your work on this complex situation.  I will definitely contact you in the future when we have another need for mediation.   

HR Director of a school district

Based on my arbitration experience with Arbitrator Lurie, I found she was fair and impartial; she gave both parties a full and fair opportunity to present their case; she challenged me and my opposing counsel when we raised weak arguments or strayed off course; and she pressed witnesses on both sides of the case to directly answer clear and concise questions.

Her decisions were well reasoned, supported by evidence, and consistent with applicable labor law and the parties’ CBA.

Attorney representing management clients

Donna mediated a significant workplace dispute. She was able to listen to all the parties involved and suggest practical ways of constructing dialogue to build a better workplace culture. Donna showed her ability to keenly listen, discern key themes, and come up with a workable plan where those who preceded her had failed to do so. 

Manager of a nonprofit agency

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