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Online Dispute Resolution  


Online arbitration and mediation services are available via the Zoom video conferencing platform. Multiple steps are taken to respect privacy and enhance the security of the proceedings. These steps are explained in the pre-hearing or pre-mediation conference.

There is no additional charge for using online dispute resolution, and

Zoom subscriptions are not necessary for participation.


Parties will need the following for video conferencing:

A laptop computer, desk top computer, smart phone, or tablet with a webcam with HD or better quality, a microphone, speakers, and a stable internet connection (having bandwidth of at least 1.5 Mbps upstream and downstream).


You will need a quiet space without ambient noise. One way to reduce noise and improve sound quality is to use a headset or headphones.


Before the Arbitration or Mediation Session:

  • Provide email addresses and telephone numbers for each participant

  • A Zoom link will be sent to each participant to provide access

  • We will conduct a test run through the pre-hearing or pre-mediation conference to review platform features and address technology issues

  • Parties' Signature on the Agreement to abide by Online Dispute Resolution


During the Arbitration or Mediation Session:

  • Parties will enter a waiting room before admission to the session

  • Please log out of other programs and streaming that will interfere with your device, microphone, camera, and Internet bandwidth

  • Parties may connect via phone if computer video is not available

  • Breakout rooms will be explained and used as needed for the session

  • All participants must remain in front of their device during the dispute resolution session, except during scheduled breaks

  • Each witness will affirm to a modified oath to identify anyone present with them, to assure that there is no script or notes in front of them, and to affirm that they are not recording the session.

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