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Law Firm


A safe and structured setting for individuals, companies, and/or organizations to discuss disputed issues and develop workable resolutions. 


The mediator acts as a neutral third party to help the disputants communicate the issues at stake, consider the impact that the conflict has had on them, assess the strengths and weaknesses of their positions, and explore the options available for a satisfactory resolution.


A customized intake and interview process is used to make the best use of our time and resources.

Business Brainstorm


Facilitation assists work groups, companies, and organizations in developing and implementing more effective group structures and processes. 


Developmental facilitation enables groups and organizations to develop the awareness and ability to self-facilitate future meetings, address conflicts, and engage in constructive problem-solving. 


I assist clients in changing their policies and programs to be consistent with shared values and accomplish organizational efforts for change and transformation.



Arbitration requires parties to present their best case to the arbitrator in a private hearing. The arbitrator issues a  final 

Decision and Award. 


Arbitration is usually faster and less expensive than litigation.  


Pre-hearing conference calls or video meetings are used to resolve discovery issues, exhibits, experts, witnesses, logistics for the arbitration hearing, etc.  I have experience in interpreting contract language, negotiations history, arbitrability, discipline/ discharge issues, contractual intent, legal precedent, and legislative impact on a variety of substantive issues.

Giving a Presentation


Effective Work Groups

Problem-Solving Techniques

Negotiation Skills

Generational Differences & Needs

Handling Workplace Disputes




Responsibilities for Board Directors


Designing Dispute Resolution Systems


Resistance to Change

Executive Coaching

Building Resilience

Mental Wellness &

Coping with Stress

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